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A minimal tool for quickly writing and sharing notes. Check out https://jott.live for a demo. jott

Command line

Use curl directly for quick uploading.

$ echo "test" | curl -F 'note=<-' https://jott.live/save/raw/<note-name>/

Alternatively, the jott script in jott/scripts makes it easier to upload and read notes.

To install the script without downloading the repo:

$ curl https://jott.live/raw/note/note_script > jott.sh && chmod +x jott.sh && alias jott='./jott.sh'

Upload a note by piping through stdin, jott [note name] [password]

$ echo "this is a test" | jott my_test_note secret_password
Success! Note "my_test_note" saved

Download a note with jott [note name]

$ jott my_test_note
this is a test

Delete a note with jott -d [note name] [password]

$ jott -d my_test_note secret_password
Success! Note "my_test_note" deleted


  • /edit/note/ will create a blank note.
  • /edit/note/<note-name> will edit an existing note.
  • /note/<note-name> will return the default HTML rendering of the note.
  • /raw/<note-name> will return the note as raw text. (Useful with wget/curl.)
  • /texdown/<note-name> will return a minimal TeXDown rendering of the note. Example
  • /code/<note-name> will syntax highlight the note.
  • /edit/note/<note-name> will open a basic editor for the note.


Although you can use https://jott.live to test out this project, do not rely on it for anything important.

If you find this useful, I'd recommend hosting your own instance. It is quite lightweight.


  • flask (pip install flask)

Run the server with

FLASK_ENV=prod python3 main.py