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Zyt - get the time in words

"Zyt" shows the time in words on a nice customizable display.

"Zyt" is the Swiss German word for time, and this is exactly what this app / web site is about: Zyt is a app showing the actual time as it is spoken - 03:45 becomes "a quarter to four".


  • Available on the web and as Mobile App
  • Shows the time in words in different languages. Supported languages for now (more translations are welcome!):
    • Züri-Düütsch - a Swiss German dialect around Zurich
    • Bern-Düütsch - a Swiss German dialect around Bern
    • Standard-Deutsch - German as learned in school
    • Standard English - English as learned in school
  • Style the clock as you want:
    • Background color
    • Dimmed and active Foreground text color and shadow
    • Font family
  • Keep screen on if you want to use the clock as wall panel
  • Embed it into your web page via snippet code
  • Create a link to your customized clock

Some screens:

First Screenshot 2nd Screenshot

Embed it into your web page!

Use the clock on your own web site with the following HTML snippet:

<iframe src="" width="800" height="600" style="border:none" ></iframe>

Snippet parameters

You can use URL parameters to style the embedded clock. An example:

<iframe src=",255,0,0.8)" width="400" height="300" style="border:none" ></iframe>


<iframe src=",255,0,0.8)" width="400" height="300" style="border:none" ></iframe>

NOTE that you have to URL-encode CSS Color values in the form #aabbcc to %23aabbcc to form a correct url.

The clock knows the following parameters:

  • bgColor: Background color (css value), e.g. %23000000, or rgb(0,0,0)
  • fgDimmedColor: foreground color for inactive chars (css value), e.g. %23000000, or rgb(0,0,0)
  • fgActiveColor: foreground color for active chars (css value), e.g. %23000000, or rgb(0,0,0)
  • activeShadowX: active char's X shadow offset, integer, e.g. 3
  • activeShadowY: active char's Y shadow offset, integer, e.g. 3
  • activeShadowBlur: active char's blur value, integer, e.g. 5
  • activeShadowColor: active char's shadow color (css value), e.g. %23000000, or rgb(0,0,0)
  • dimmedShadowX: dimmed char's X shadow offset, integer, e.g. 3
  • dimmedShadowY: dimmed char's Y shadow offset, integer, e.g. 3
  • dimmedShadowBlur: dimmed char's blur value, integer, e.g. 5
  • dimmedShadowColor: dimmed char's shadow color (css value), e.g. %23000000, or rgb(0,0,0)
  • lang: 'zueri': clock language. Supported at the moment:
    • zueri: Swiss German dialect around Zurich
    • bern: Swiss German dialect around Bern
    • deutsch_std: German
    • english_std: English
  • fontFamily: The CSS Font family name, including the following embedded ones (Note to url-encode spaces %20):
    • Audiowide
    • Black Ops One
    • Bree Serif
    • Bungee Inline
    • Crushed
    • Faster One
    • Libre Baskerville
    • Macondo Swash Caps
    • Merienda One
    • Monoton
    • Montserrat
    • Roboto Mono
    • Spicy Rice
    • Stardos Stencil
    • Syncopate
    • Ubuntu
    • Ultra
    • Wallpoet
  • upperCase: Set upperCase=1 to have upper cased characters, upperCase= (no value) for lower case chars
  • disableSettings: Set disableSettings=1 to disable the style menu functionality. Useful if you use it as web site widget.
  • clickUrl: Set clickUrl to a web site (e.g. clickUrl= to open the link instead of the settings dialog. Overrides disableSettings.


  • npm install
  • grunt

Build Web

  • npm install
  • grunt build:web
  • Output goes to build/ folder

Build App

  • npm install
  • grunt build:app
  • cordova prepare
  • ANDROID_HOME=/path/to/android/sdk cordova build android
  • cordova build ios

Build css

  • npm install --global postcss-cli autoprefixer
  • postcss --use autoprefixer www/styles/styles.css > www/styles/styles.prefixed.css

Build icons

ios: $ for size in 180 60 120 76 152 40 80 57 114 72 144 29 58 87 50 100 167; do convert icon-ios-1024.png -resize ${size} ios-icons/icon-ios-${size}.png; done

Splash screens: $ for size in 320x480 640x960 768x1024 1536x2048 1024x768 2048x1536 640x1136 750x1334 1242x2208 2208x1242; do convert ios-icons/splash.png -resize ${size}\! ios-icons/splash-${size}.png;done

android: $ for size in 36 48 72 96 144 192; do convert icon-512.png -resize ${size} android-icons/icon-andoid-${size}.png; done

Font download

All fonts are from Google Fonts. To make Web Font download easier, I used this site:

Used libraries

The color picker used is jscolor:


A web widget displaying the time in human readable text



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