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A simple event-driven library for parsing WebAssembly binary files
Rust Shell
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The WebAssembly binary file decoder in Rust

A Bytecode Alliance project

Build Status link

The decoder library provides lightweight and fast decoding/parsing of WebAssembly binary files.

The other goal is minimal memory footprint. For this reason, there is no AST or IR of WebAssembly data.

See also its sibling at


The documentation and examples can be found at the


use wasmparser::WasmDecoder;
use wasmparser::Parser;
use wasmparser::ParserState;

fn get_name(bytes: &[u8]) -> &str {

fn main() {
  let ref buf: Vec<u8> = read_wasm_bytes();
  let mut parser = Parser::new(buf);
  loop {
    let state =;
    match *state {
        ParserState::BeginWasm { .. } => {
            println!("====== Module");
        ParserState::ExportSectionEntry { field, ref kind, .. } => {
            println!("  Export {} {:?}", get_name(field), kind);
        ParserState::ImportSectionEntry { module, field, .. } => {
            println!("  Import {}::{}", get_name(module), get_name(field))
        ParserState::EndWasm => break,
        _ => ( /* println!(" Other {:?}", state) */ )


To fuzz test, switch to a nightly Rust compiler and install cargo-fuzz:

cargo install cargo-fuzz

Then, from the root of the repository, run:

cargo fuzz run parse

If you want to use files as seeds for the fuzzer, add them to fuzz/corpus/parse/ and restart cargo-fuzz.

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