A Titanfall mod for Genesys RPG
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Titanfall: Genesys


Titanfall: Genesys is a work-in-progress mod for the Genesys RPG. It is currently under development and anyone who would like to assist is welcome to contact me to render aid!

This mod is based off of the original FPS published in 2014. I will be pulling a few things from the sequel, but as I have not played it most of the content is based on the original. Please keep that in mind.

Planned Additions

The following list is what I want to get done sooner rather than later. In no specific order.

  • Pilot jump kit
  • Titan defensive systems
    • Electric smoke
    • Particle wall
    • Vortex shield
  • Pilot and grunt armours
  • Pilot ordnance
    • Electric smoke grenade
    • Firestar
    • Pulse blade
  • Data knife
  • Titan Laser shot
  • Pilot tactical abilities
    • Cloak
    • Stim
    • Grapple
  • Archetypes
    • Cyborg
    • Generalist
    • Specialist
    • Brute
    • Leader
  • Skills
    • Pilot (Aerospace)
    • Pilot (Ground)
    • Pilot (Titan)

"If I Get to it" List

Again, in no particular order:

  • Vehicles
    • Paladin tank
    • Samson assault truck
    • Crow/Goblin dropship
    • Hornet fighter
    • Phantom fighter
    • IMC bomber
  • Weapon attachments
    • CRB attachments
    • Non-CRB attachments
  • Armour attachments
    • CRB attachments
    • Non-CRB attachments
  • Talents

Change Log

June 2018


  • Added archetypes


  • Added Stim and grapple as armour attachments
  • Added cloak as an armour
  • Data knife item changed to dataspike weapon attachment
  • Custom weapon attachments added
  • Custom armour attachments added
  • Heavy jacket's HP removed, price lowered
  • Panacea added to gear section


  • Fixed DMR and kraber limited ammo wonkiness
  • Clarified how Titan weapon ammo works
  • Changed encrypted comm-bead's price

May 2018


  • Changed encrypted comm-bead mechanics
  • Added firestar
  • Added pulse blade
  • Added pilot electric smoke
  • Reworked weapon prices
  • Added Titan defense systems


  • Added armour section
  • Added gear section
  • Added attachment chapter
  • Listed GCRB attachments available
  • Welcome to the Militia intro chapter added


  • Updated .gitignore
  • Changed ul to checkboxes
  • Added version number tags


  • Cover page art
  • Titan ordnance table added
  • Added spacing around 'Special' column in weapon tables
  • Created GitHub repo


  • Titan weapon table added
  • Titan ordnance descriptions added
  • ToC added


  • Archer damage and blast increased
  • Mag launcher range reduced
  • Sidewinder damage increased
  • Made charge rifle a crit fishing weapon
  • Added Titan weapons descriptions


  • Changed LMG skill to Gunnery
  • Increased EVA-8's blast from 4 to 6
  • Anti-Titan weapons added
  • Pilot ordnance added


Initial Compilation

  • Stryder-class titan added
  • Atlas-class titan added
  • Ogre-class titan added
  • Sidearms added
  • Longarms added