Legacy c3nav. Indoor navigation for the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress.
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Indoor navigation for the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress.

Legacy code. You can find the new c3nav repository at https://github.com/c3nav/c3nav

There are still some features to come including selecting from map, Wi-Fi positioning (as an Android App) and more POIs (assemblies etc.)

c3nav is written in python3 using flask, scipy, numpy and matplotlib.

Feel free to contact me if you have and questions/ideas or want to contribute. My DECT number at 32c3 will be NMKT (6658).

Running it yourself

  • Clone the repository
  • cd c3nav/src
  • pip3 install -r requirements.txt (if this fails because of build dependencies use apt-get build-dep python-pil python-matplotlib python-scipy or something similar for you distribution to install the dependencies and run pip again)
  • python3 main.py 32c3
  • navigate to http://localhost:5000/
  • To activate debugging, add debug to the end of the command.

Editing the graph

You can just edit minor stuff directly in the JSON file. You have to restart the python script in order to reload the graph.

To edit the underlying graph, rooms, barriers and points of interest, run python3 configure.py 32c3 and navigate to http://localhost:5000/.

To add translations, use python3 translate.py 32c3 (en|de). Please do not submit pull request for other languages for now.

Setting up a new graph

Copy /projects/empty and edit the basic meta data in config.json, add the level maps as images, then build/edit the graph as described above.