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You should forgot the old run-tests.php script. This saves your life!


extunit with gdb:


  • Always re-compile you source code before you test it.
  • Autoload your compiled extension .so file before you run the tests.
  • Run phpunit tests without installing your extension everytime.
  • Run unit tests with your PHP extension or with your pure PHP implementation.
  • Support GDB, automatically write .gdbinit to bootstrap the GDB environment.


$ pear channel-discover
$ pear install -a -f corneltek/ExtUnit


The extunit runner helps you debug and test your extension, it compiles your extension and load your extension .so file from the modules directory before you run the tests or script.

Create the extunit config file for your extension:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

e.g., To load the compiled extension and run specific php script:

$ extunit php_script.php

To load the compiled extension and run the php script with gdb:

$ extunit --gdb php_script.php

The above command generates the .gdbinit file, which setup the executable path and the arguments for you. so you don't need to write the php option arguments by yourself.

note that extunit won't override the .gdbinit for you, so if you want to run other test files with gdb you should remove the generated .gdbinit file before you run another test file.

To run phpize and configure before building the extension:

$ extunit --phpize --phpunit

To run phpunit with filter option and repeat 5 times:

$ extunit --phpunit --debug --filter testRmtree --repeat 5

To load the compiled extension and run gdn with phpunit:

$ extunit --gdb --phpunit --debug tests/APCExtensionTest.php

The extra options will be passed to phpunit, so that you can the --debug option from phpunit.

To use the extension testcase please see PHPUnit_Framework_ExtensionTestCase class.