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Malini is an extensible content decoration and normalization library for WordPress. It exposes a simple interface to decorate WordPress entities, like posts or archives, with all the information you may need in whatever format you're more comfortable with.

Malini introduces three basic concepts:

  • Decorators: used to quickly declare the data you want to retrieve by decorating an entity;
  • Accessors: used to define how the data will retrieved;
  • Filters: used to alter values (similar to WordPress filters).

It also introduces two proxy-entities:

  • Malini\Post: which includes a WP_Post;
  • Malini\Archive: which is basically a collection of Malini\Posts.


Using Malini inside your code is quite easy. To use it:

  • Download and install the plugin to your WordPress website;
  • Enable the plugin from the WP dashboard;
  • Starts using it inside your theme or plugin.

Check the wiki to see what you can do with Malini.


It is (or will be) possible to update Malini through WordPress as any other WordPress plugin.

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