Titanium Widget to display a search bar.
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Titanium Widget to display a search bar.



Via Gittio

gittio install com.caffeina.titanium.searchbar

Via Github

Download the latest release, and add in your config.json, under dependencies:

"dependencies": {
    "com.caffeina.titanium.searchbar": "*"

Fully stylable via TSS

Watch the widget.tss file for all options and override the rules with ID instead of class.


In you XML file:

    <Widget id="searchBar" src="com.caffeina.titanium.searchbar" title="Caffeina" />

In your JS file:

$.searchBar.on('change', function(e) {
    // Filter your data using e.value

Constructor options

animationsDuration (Number, default: 400)

The duration of the animations.

title (String, default: Ti.App.name)

The title for the label.



Set the UI in search mode.


Set the UI in title mode.