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Getting Help

Where What
Stack Overflow Ask questions and get answers on Stack Overflow.
Calabash iOS GitHub Issues Request features and report bugs on GitHub.
Gitter #calabash0x Discuss Calabash topics with other Calabash users.

Reporting Problems

When asking questions and creating bug reports, please include the following information, logs, the calabash command you are trying to execute, and what you are trying to accomplish.

# xcode installation location
$ xcode-select --print-path

# xcode version
$ xcodebuild -version

# calabash version
$ calabash-ios version

# start your app manually in the simulator or from Xcode
$ curl http://localhost:37265/version

Issues that use Markdown formatting will be answered faster. GitHub Markdown.

Examples of Good Bug Reports

These GitHub issues are examples of good bug reports. If you file a good bug report, you'll get help faster. Often, the process of creating a bug report will reveal the solution.

  1. Touch gesture timeouts on Xcode 6.1 Simulators #566
  2. uia_type_string should properly escape the 'backslash' character #284
  3. uia('uia.alert().defaultButton().tap()') command fails with an error on 8.0 simulator #558

Provide an Example Project

If at all possible, try to provide an example project to reproduce. If you cannot share your project, make a fork of one the following repositories and try to reproduce.

Repository Description
calabash/calabash-ios-example A clean project; no calabash target.
jmoody/calabash-ios-example The Calabash iOS Example with a calabash target.
calabash/x-platform-example An Android/iOS cross platform example.

Export a Crash Report

If your app is crashing, please attach a crash report.

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