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Copy to clipboard for modern browsers in less than 1kb.
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gotem on NPM Standard JavaScript Style

Copy to clipboard for modern browsers in less than 1kb.


$ npm i gotem --save


gotem is a function that accepts 3 parameters:

  1. A required trigger node.
  2. A required target node.
  3. An optional object of callback functions.

Examples follow:

import gotem from 'gotem'

// a trigger and target node are required
const nodes = {
  trigger: document.getElementById('trigger'),
  target: document.getElementById('target')

// when the trigger is clicked,
// the text of the target will be copied to the clipboard

// if an object with callback functions (success, error) is passed,
// the appropriate function, based on the result of executing the copy command, will be fired if it exists
gotem(nodes.trigger,, {
  success: () => console.log('Copy command succeeded'),
  error: () => console.log('Copy command failed, BUT the text to copy has still been selected.')

Browser Support

gotem requires execCommand cut/copy support.

As such, it works in the following:

  • Chrome 43+
  • Firefox 41+
  • Safari 10+
  • Edge 12+
  • IE 9+


MIT. © 2017 Michael Cavalea

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