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Oracle Code Card is a Wi-Fi-enabled device with an e-paper display that can retrieve content from Oracle Cloud. The Code Card runs on an ESP8266 Wi-fi microcontroller.
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The Code Card

Code Card is a Wi-Fi-enabled device with an e-paper display that can retrieve content from Oracle Cloud. Code Cards are available on a first-come basis to Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Code One attendees who sign up for a cloud trial account. Stop by the Groundbreakers Hub to sign up and start configuring your Code Card.

There are loads of things that you can do with your Code Card - here's a list of documentation, work instructions, & code to get you up and running:


  • Code Card Designer Mobile App
    Personalise the contents of your Code Card's display using the Code Card Designer Mobile Application.
    Use the mobile app to create different template layouts, save them to the Oracle Cloud, and then retreive & apply them to your card's display with the press of a button. Ths is the quickest way to get up and running.
    The Code Card mobile app is designed and built using the Oracle Application Express (APEX) low-code development platform.

  • Configuration Settings
    Manage your Code Card configuration via serial connection over USB. Settings such as Wi-Fi SSID & Password can be managed via serial connection using the Code Cards integrated CLI.

    • Terminal Emulator
      Manually configure your Code Card using a serial connection over USB. Initiate a serial connection using your favourite terminal emulation package (Putty, etc.) and configure your Code Card using the integrated CLI.
    • Code Card Configurator
      Python script to automatically configure Code Card settings using serial connection over USB. Useful for restting Code Card settings back to default, or to save and batch apply custom settings.
      The Code Card Configurator uses the pyserial module to perform configuration updates.
  • Fn Functions (FaaS)
    Configure your Code Card to run Serverless Functions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using the Fn project FaaS platform. The Fn project is an open-source container-native serverless platform.

  • Helidon (Java) Microservices on Kubernetes
    Helidon (Java) Microservices on Kubernetes.. (Coming Soon!!)

  • Programming the Code Card Firmware
    We have included the source code here so you can modify you Code Card however you want!
    Instructions for setting up the Arduino IDE to program and upload your customisations to the Code Card Firmware.

How did we build the Code Card?

We partnered with Squarofumi, creators of Badgy, an IoT badge, to create the Code Card.

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