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A community extension for Camunda BPM to integrate emails in a process and interact with them.

Sample process


  • send mail
  • poll mails
  • delete mails
  • react on incoming mails



  • Camunda BPM >= 7.5.0
  • Java 8

For Embedded Process Engine

Add camunda-bpm-mail-core as dependency to your application. Using Maven, you have to add the following lines to your POM:


For Shared Process Engine

Add camunda-bpm-mail-core-1.2.0.jar to your application server (e.g. apache-tomcat-8.0.24\lib).

Also make sure that you included the following dependencies:

If you use Wildfly, follow the special instructions.

How to use it?

The extension is build on top of the Connectors API and provide some connectors for interacting with emails. The connectors can be used inside a process as implementation of a service task and are referenced by id. Use the Camunda Modeler to configure it.

<serviceTask id="sendMail" name="Send Mail Task">
      <!-- input / output mapping -->

See the connectors user guide how to configure the process engine to use connectors.

Send Mails


Connector-Id: mail-send

Input parameter Type Required?
from String no (read from config)
fromAlias String no (read from config)
to String yes
cc String no
bcc String no
subject String yes
text String no
html String no
fileNames List of String (path to files) yes

The text or html body can also generated from a template (e.g. using FreeMarkeer). See the example.

Poll Mails


Connector-Id: mail-poll

Input parameter Type Required?
folder String (e.g. 'INBOX') no (read from config)
download-attachements Boolean no (read from config)
Output parameter Type
mails List of Mail

If download-attachements is set to true then it stores the attachments of the mails in the folder which is provided by the configuration. The path of the stored attachments can be get from the Attachments of the Mail.

By default, the polled mails are marked as read. If the property mail.imaps.peek is set to true then the mails are just polled and not marked as read.

Delete Mails


Connector-Id: mail-delete

Input parameter Type Required?
folder String (e.g. 'INBOX') no (read from config)
mails List of Mail no1
messageIds List of String no1
messageNumbers List of Integer no1

1 Either mails, messageIds or messageNumbers have to be set.

React on incoming Mails


The extension provide the MailNotificationService to react on incoming mails (e.g. start a process instance or correlate a message). You can register handlers / consumers which are invoked when a new mail is received.

MailNotificationService notificationService = new MailNotificationService(configuration);

notificationService.registerMailHandler(mail -> {
    Variables.createVariables().putValue("mail", mail));


// ...


If you use a mail handler and enabled downloadAttachments in the configuration then it stores the attachments of the mail before invoking the handler. Otherwise, you can also trigger the download manual by calling Mail.downloadAttachments().

How to configure it?

By default, the extension loads the configuration from a properties file on classpath. You can change the lookup path using the environment variable MAIL_CONFIG. If you want to lookup a file on the classpath, use the classpath: prefix (e.g. classpath:/my-application.config).

An example configuration can look like:

# send mails via SMTP

# poll mails via IMAPS

# if peek = false then the polled mails are marked as read

# additional config
mail.sender.alias=User Inc

# credentials

You can find some sample configurations at extension/core/configs. If you use a mail provider which has no configuration yet, feel free to add one. You can verify your configuration with the integration tests.


The following examples shows how to use the connectors and services.

  • Pizza Order
    • poll mails
    • send mail with generated text body
    • delete mail
  • Print Service
    • using the MailNotificationService
    • send mail with attachment

Next Steps

Depends on the input of the community. Some ideas:

  • provide element templates for camunda modeler (not supported yet)
  • integration of file process variables
  • spring-based configuration


Found a bug? Please report it using Github Issues.

Want to extend, improve or fix a bug in the extension? Pull Requests are very welcome.

Want to discuss something? The Camunda Forum might be the best place for it.


See also

Can't send / receive mails from Gmail

It can be that Google blocks the requests because it estimates your application as unsafe. You may also received an email from Google. To fix this go to and enable less secure apps.

Notification service throws exceptions (IDLE-Mode)

Make sure that you don't have an older version (< 1.5.5) of javamail in your project. By default, the camunda process engine / distribution includes an old version (1.4.1) of javamail (i.e. transitively from commons-email).


Apache License, Version 2.0

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