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Welcome to the ibisami wiki!

New: A new branch, default_getwave, has been created, to support a request from Walter Katz, on behalf of the IBIS-ATM working group, to make AMI_GetWave() easier to implement for Init()-only models. See the files:

  • include/default_getwave.h - interface to the new default_getwave() function (Works for both C and C++.)
  • src/default_getwave.c - implementation of the new default_getwave() function.
  • src/init_example.c - Provides a C example of the required additions to AMI_Init(), which are necessary in order to support the default_getwave() function. (Note: compiles without error, but NOT functionally tested!)

on that branch for more.

ibisami is an open source, public domain package intended to provide a common source pool for all the generic, boilerplate stuff that must go into every IBIS-AMI model. All 6 target binaries (i.e. - 32 and 64-bit Windows, Mac OS and Linux) are supported.

Thank you for your interest in the ibisami project, and I hope you will consider lending some of your time and expertise toward the development and maintenance of this community resource.

Yours in modeling,
David Banas capn.freako@gmail.com

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