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API Documentation

Bindings to the capstone library disassembly framework.

The Capstone struct is the main interface to the library.


capstone-rs uses the capstone-sys crate to provide the low-level bindings to the Capstone C library.

See the capstone-sys page for the requirements and supported platforms.

  • Minimum Rust Version: 1.60.0


extern crate capstone;

use capstone::prelude::*;

const X86_CODE: &'static [u8] = b"\x55\x48\x8b\x05\xb8\x13\x00\x00\xe9\x14\x9e\x08\x00\x45\x31\xe4";

/// Print register names
fn reg_names(cs: &Capstone, regs: &[RegId]) -> String {
    let names: Vec<String> = regs.iter().map(|&x| cs.reg_name(x).unwrap()).collect();
    names.join(", ")

/// Print instruction group names
fn group_names(cs: &Capstone, regs: &[InsnGroupId]) -> String {
    let names: Vec<String> = regs.iter().map(|&x| cs.group_name(x).unwrap()).collect();
    names.join(", ")

fn main() {
    let cs = Capstone::new()
        .expect("Failed to create Capstone object");

    let insns = cs.disasm_all(X86_CODE, 0x1000)
        .expect("Failed to disassemble");
    println!("Found {} instructions", insns.len());
    for i in insns.as_ref() {
        println!("{}", i);

        let detail: InsnDetail = cs.insn_detail(&i).expect("Failed to get insn detail");
        let arch_detail: ArchDetail = detail.arch_detail();
        let ops = arch_detail.operands();

        let output: &[(&str, String)] = &[
            ("insn id:", format!("{:?}",,
            ("bytes:", format!("{:?}", i.bytes())),
            ("read regs:", reg_names(&cs, detail.regs_read())),
            ("write regs:", reg_names(&cs, detail.regs_write())),
            ("insn groups:", group_names(&cs, detail.groups())),

        for &(ref name, ref message) in output.iter() {
            println!("{:4}{:12} {}", "", name, message);

        println!("{:4}operands: {}", "", ops.len());
        for op in ops {
            println!("{:8}{:?}", "", op);


Found 4 instructions

0x1000: pushq %rbp
    read regs:   rsp
    write regs:  rsp
    insn groups: mode64

0x1001: movq 0x13b8(%rip), %rax
    read regs:
    write regs:
    insn groups:

0x1008: jmp 0x8ae21
    read regs:
    write regs:
    insn groups: jump

0x100d: xorl %r12d, %r12d
    read regs:
    write regs:  rflags
    insn groups:

To see more demos, see the examples/ directory. More complex demos welcome!


  • full: do not compile Capstone C library in diet mode
  • std: enable std-only features, such as the Error trait
  • use_bindgen: run bindgen to generate Rust bindings to Capstone C library instead of using pre-generated bindings (not recommended).

: enabled by default

Reporting Issues

Please open a Github issue


You may find a full list of contributors on Github.