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Wait Me: a maintenance theme for Textpattern CMS
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cara-tm Latest version 2.3
Latest version 2.3 with some improvements and some new features:
* Ability to add your branding after the page footer;
* Infos about "Cross-Origin Request" warnings with Google Fonts online service;
* Better email extraction from users for the contact modal box.
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dist Latest version 2.3 Aug 16, 2019
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Wait Me

Wait Me: a maintenance theme for Textpattern CMS.

Illustration: courtesy © Chu Son (@sonctw),

Fine handcrafted theme for your maintenance mode during your website development. Includes specific headers to search engine bots in order to differ indexations in later revisits. Minimal design with extremly subtile colored shadows around the custom picture (extracted from the image itself); additional text, social network links and contact links governed by TXP variables for immediat use. No javascript, no dependencies, Responsive with Flexbox inside for modern browsers and IE7 minimum capable!

How to?

Unzip the distribution and place the theme folder into your /root/themes directory.

Upload an image named 0.jpg in your /root/images directory (dimensions: 350 × 500 px).

The theme use only 2 pages: “default” and “error_default” where you could find some TXP variables to set accordingly to your needs. Finaly, activate it.

Note: the email address for the contact feature is grabbed from the one set as the administrator of your website.

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