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Suggested Sketch Plugins

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Color contrast checker and color blind simulator.

Basic File Maintenance

Clean Up Useless Groups

Select layers or a grouping(s) to easily get rid of useless groups.

Spell Checker

Check all spelling on a Sketch page.

Find and Replace

Easily find and replace text. Will find a word regardless of letter case.


Batch find and rename layers in a few easy steps.


Sketch Palette

Allows designers to load in pre-saved palettes for Sketch. Download the latest version of the Carbon Kit to get the Carbon default palette and the primary, secondary, and tertiary Data Vis palettes. The kit download also includes the Sketch Palette plugin.

Pie Chart Generator

No more messing with color sliders to create a pie chart. Just add in the Carbon Data Vis palette hex values along with percentages to quickly generate an accurate chart.

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