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Discord Notifications

  • Source:
  • Icon Support: Yes
  • Message Format: Text
  • Message Limit: 2000 Characters per message

Account Setup

Creating a Discord account is easy. The only part that requires a little bit of extra work is once you've got a channel set up (by default discord puts you in a #General channel). Click on the Gear icon (Settings) and from here you need to enable webhooks.

The webhook will end up looking something like this:

This effectively equates to:{WebhookID}/{WebhookToken}

The last part of the URL you're given make up the 2 tokens you need to send notifications with. It's very important to pay attention. In the above example the tokens are as follows:

  1. WebhookID is 4174216298
  2. WebhookToken is JHMHI8qBe7bk2ZwO5U711o3dV_js


Valid syntaxes are as follows:

  • discord://{WebhookID}/{WebhookToken}/
  • discord://{userid}@{WebhookID}/{WebhookToken}/

Discord can also support a variety of website arguments, the below identifies the defaults and therefore do not need to be specified unless you want to override them:

  • discord://{WebhookID}/{WebhookToken}/?tts=No&avatar=Yes&footer=No&thumbnail=Yes

Parameter Breakdown

Variable Required Description
WebhookID Yes The first part of 2 tokens provided to you after creating a incoming-webhook
WebhookToken Yes The second part of 2 tokens provided to you after creating a incoming-webhook
userid No Identify the name of the bot that should issue the message. If one isn't specified then the default is to just use your account (associated with the incoming-webhook).
tts No Enable Text-To-Speech (by default is is set to No)
footer No Include a message footer (by default is is set to No)
thumbnail No Include an image in-line with the message describing the notification type (by default is is set to Yes)
avatar No Over-ride the default discord avatar icon and replace it with one identify the notification type (by default is is set to Yes)
format No The default value of this is text. But if you plan on managing the format yourself, you can optionally set this to markdown. If the mode is set to markdown, apprise will scan for header entries (usually on lines by themselves surrounded by hashtags (#)) and will place these inside embedded objects. This is done to give a nicer presentation.


Send a discord notification:

# Assuming our {WebhookID} is 4174216298
# Assuming our {WebhookToken} is JHMHI8qBe7bk2ZwO5U711o3dV_js
apprise discord:///4174216298/JHMHI8qBe7bk2ZwO5U711o3dV_js
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