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Sifaka: a Clojure-based template builder for Lemur

Sifaka is a package for constructing Liine Lemur templates, and uploading them to iOS devices, purely in Clojure, avoiding the rather quirky WYSIWYG template editor.

The code is at an early stage; we only have a small set of objects implemented so far (Container, Pads and RingArea), as we shake out some details of the XML generation. This is likely to be a slow process, as the object parameters are numerous and subtle.

Thanks to Matthew Stanton, whose Python code here pointed the way to uploading templates via TCP/IP. (We figured out the rest, and corrected some errors, by sniffing network packets from the editor.) No thanks to JazzMutant whose "OSC-style" example code is confusing, misdocumented and just plain wrong.


Sifaka is a Leiningen 2 project, so build in the usual manner. There are one or two upload examples at the bottom of scratch.clj.

Technical Notes

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