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Competency and Skills Service -- Competency Management

Stable: 0.3.x
Development: 0.4.x

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Purpose of this Document

This document is intended to act as a technical guide to the installation of CASS.

This installation of CASS will provide several components that operate to provide a working system. It is composed of:

  • The CASS Repository, a Java application that runs in a Servlet Container, such as Tomcat.
  • The CASS Library, a Javascript library that provides an interoperability layer between web applications and the CASS Repository.
  • CASS Embeddable Apps, a set of iframeable applications for branded web applications.
  • CASS Application Examples, a set of CASS branded applications that can be freely used, adapted, modified, or inspected.
  • CASS Manager, a robust application facilitating interoperability across multiple CASS repositories and other services.
  • CASS Visualizer, an example application showing a visualization.
  • CASS Adapters, an adapter that interprets xAPI statements and asserts competence, and an adapter that synchronizes competencies and frameworks to and from Moodle.


Ubuntu/Fedora Linux:

chmod +x
sudo ./

During the installation, you will be asked to select a version to install. The 'master' installation will install an unstable version with the latest features. Specific versions can be relied upon to be stable and consistant.

Windows (experimental)

@powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))" && SET "PATH=%PATH%;%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\bin"
choco install -y cass

Go to services, start elasticsearch-service-x64 and set it to start automatically.

Post Installation

To support open linked data, it is important that the objects created in CASS have public, reliable URLs. For this:

  • Assign this server a domain name.
  • Enable HTTPS.
  • (Optional) Use a reverse proxy to control the endpoint closely.