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Free software, hardware or culture

  • Business models with Free Software. Free Software business models based on successful startups stories

  • What I am doing in the Open Source world? Introductory talk about free software and how to contribute to communities.

  • Free software and GNU/Linux introduction.

  • Be hackers. Giving some tips related with free software to students in the last years of their degree.

  • Free sofware, competitions and TFG (final degree project). Encouraging students to contribute in free software projects and open source their final degree project.

  • Survival guide for rookie developers. Talking to students about professional future and how free software can help them.

  • Survival guide for rookie developers - 2 (24/09/2018). Talking to students about professional future and how free software can help them.

  • Free software driving startups. Free sofware alternatives for startups and Free Software business models lean on successful stories

Privacy and internet freedom

  • How much to reach 1984? Privacy introduction in tech.

  • 1984 is coming. Privacy as business model? Gives a vision of some companies with business models based on privacy and some tips to improve clients privacy as developers or companies.

  • 1984 is coming. Privacy in the real world Talking about privacy, how, why and who is spying us in the technology world and some tips to improve our privacy in the real world, outside computers and the internet.


Copyright (c) 2017 Pablo Castro Valiño

All material grouped in this repository are under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license unless other license is provided.