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Fix CTest command issue with square brackets

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sfranzen committed Jul 21, 2019
1 parent fb74bb1 commit 2aed6233cf38d24267184274264f84b4a8d43bc6
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  1. +5 −2 contrib/CatchAddTests.cmake
@@ -51,8 +51,11 @@ string(REPLACE "\n" ";" output "${output}")
# Parse output
foreach(line ${output})
set(test ${line})
# use escape commas to handle properly test cases with commans inside the name
string(REPLACE "," "\\," test_name ${test})
# Escape characters in test case names that would be parsed by Catch2
set(test_name ${test})
foreach(char , [ ])
string(REPLACE ${char} "\\${char}" test_name ${test_name})
# ...and add to script

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