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Developer Notebook for Johan Martin

Notes are online at Johan Martin's Development Notes

  • Easier to write things down then trying to remember what you forgot.
  • Working on web development projects is changing rapidly and constantly.
  • Resources are available everywhere but some are outdated and only some help with solving your problem.
  • Easier to review notes on how you solved it last time than googling and going through all the articles again.
  • Too much Googling can lead to a waste of time.
  • Track your development


  • Notes are written in Markdown
    • Using IA Writer and Microsoft Visual Studio Code to edit the docs.
  • Site generated with MkDocs
    • Deciding factor was the ability to push docs to gh-pages on Github.
    • Essentially free hosting for my document notebook.
  • Notes for setting up notebook in notebook.


  • Updated notes about WordPress CLI
  • 24 April 2018 - Added API section. PHP, Python, Node.js frameworks related creating APIs. * Added notes about pipenv
  • 25 April 2018 - Added Jupyter notebook with support for TypeScript, JavaScript and Ruby.