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A very simple json beautifier
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JSONLint is a simple and fast interface to check the quality of a JSON string and display it in a readable and colorful format.

JSONLint will try to solve basic errors like JSON key without quotes.

How to use

Just copy/paste your JSON string into the text box as illustrated here below.

Make a choice between: do you want a HTML return with things put in colors (keys and values) or a hierarchic view where you'll be able to collapse or expand levels.

Linting will be made automatically; without the need to click on a button.


Invalid JSON

When the string is invalid like in {hello:"world","places":["Africa","America","Asia","Australia"]} (keys are not inside double-quotes), the interface try to solve this issue by itself. If successfull, the JSON will be rewritten and, then, linted.

Full javascript

Everything is done on client side by Javascript. There is no more interaction with your server once the form is displayed.


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