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A Python implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine


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Python Implementation of the Ethereum protocol

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Py-EVM is a new implementation of the Ethereum protocol in Python. It contains the low level primitives for the existing Ethereum 1.0 chain as well as emerging support for the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 / Serenity spec.


Py-EVM aims to eventually become the defacto Python implementation of the Ethereum protocol, enabling a wide array of use cases for both public and private chains.

In particular Py-EVM aims to:

  • be a reference implementation of the Ethereum 1.0 and 2.0 implementation in one of the most widely used and understood languages, Python.

  • be easy to understand and modifiable

  • have clear and simple APIs

  • come with solid, friendly documentation

  • deliver the low level primitives to build various clients on top (including full and light clients)

  • be highly flexible to support both research as well as alternate use cases like private chains.


While Py-EVM provides the low level APIs of the Ethereum protocol, it does not aim to implement a full or light node directly.


  • provide a reference implementation for an Ethereum 1.0 node (alpha)

  • support "full" and "light" modes

  • fully support mainnet as well as several testnets

  • provide a reference implementation of an Ethereum 2.0 / Serenity beacon node (pre-alpha)

  • provide a reference implementation of an Ethereum 2.0 / Sereneity validator node (pre-alpha)


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A Python implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine







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