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Drawing optical experimental setups with PSTricks
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The pst-optexp package --- Drawing optical experimental setups
Maintained by Christoph Bersch
Released under the LaTeX Project Public License v1.3c or later

The package pst-optexp is a collection of optical components that 
facilitate easy sketching of optical experimental setups. A lot of 
different free-ray and fiber components are provided, which alignment, 
positioning and labelling can be achieved in very simple and flexible 
ways. The components can be connected with fibers or beams, realistic 
raytraced beam paths are also possible.


The package is supplied in dtx format and as a pre-extracted zip file, The later is most convenient for most users: simply
unzip this in your local texmf directory and run texhash to update the 
database of file locations. The pst-optexp package is also contained in
MiKTeX and TeX Live distributions. If you want to unpack the dtx 
yourself you must run "tex pst-optexp.ins", to typeset the documentation
run "latex pst-optexp.dtx".

The package requires recent version of pst-node, multido, pstricks-add,
pst-eucl, and environ.
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