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fmmtl: FMM Template Library

fmmtl is a structured dense matrix algorithms library which aids in the research, development, and use of advanced methods for systems of equations of the form:

equation is the kernel generating the elements of the matrix,
equation are the sources of the kernel,
equation are the charges of the sources,
equation are the targets of the kernel (which may be equivalent to the sources),
equation are the results.

This is a kernel-matrix equation. Matrices of this form can be found in a wide variety of fields include physics, statistics, and machine learning. Methods for accelerating matrix-vector products and direct solutions of systems of this form often take advantage of a (often heirarchically) low-rank representation of the kernel, K.

This library intends to collect kernels and their low-rank expansions and provide fast, abstracted algorithms for working with any of them.

Primary Authors:


  • Christopher Cooper
  • Aparna Chandramowlishwaran
  • Esmail Fadae, Brian Bresnahan




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