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This is the Millennium Village Simulation project, or MVSim, a teaching tool to help students appreciate the complexity of meeting the Millennium Development Goals in a rural African setting, and to experience the interdisciplinary nature of sustainable development. The web-based game has been developed and hosted by Columbia University's Center for New Media Teaching and Learning and can be accessed at


The source code ships with bundled versions of all its Python module dependencies, and a bootstrap script that installs all of the dependencies in a virtualenv. Installation is simple:

 $ git clone git://
 $ cd mvsim
 $ ./

Note that Python 2.6 is currently required.

Edit the file to suit your needs (don't forget to create a database, or change the settings to use SQLite) and then sync the database schema and necessary initial content:

 $ ./ syncdb

You're now ready to run the server. Sample Apache/mod_wsgi configuration files are available in the apache subdirectory of the source code.

If you're running this outside of Columbia University, you'll want to remove djangowind (which connects the Django auth to Columbia's central identify/sign-in mechanism) and modify the COURSEAFFILS_COURSESTRING_MAPPER setting; the default setting creates course groupings, and associates users with courses, based on Columbia course-strings and affiliations.