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Extensions, Plugins, Resources

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If you wish to get a list of all the packages you can get the .json from

To generate a link from the package.json file use the template http(s)://{name}/{version}/{filename}

Community Plugins

Sublime Text


Test a different script version with the switch of a query string.

CDNJS for WordPress

cdnjs command - Gem is there to always give you get the latest version of hosted JavaScript libraries on public CDNs

cdnjs Mvc Helper

An MVC3 web helper for loading scripts from


A command line interface to search/install Javascript/CSS libraries from


Load CSS and JS faster in Rails. Your assets are covered.

gimme assets

gimme is a little, experimental tool to manage web assets from the CLI.


Fetchjs makes it trivial to download and setup the latest versions of client side libraries.


Generate and serve combo URLs across various CDNs and other public servers


A front end for for Emacs


Command line interface for written in Go

Javascript Injector

This extension injects any JS library from into a page.

JSKit (Chrome Extension)

This extension loads any JS or CSS file directly into your open tab. You can manually enter the URL of the file, or use one of the libraries provided by, which will be automatically listed.

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