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aur is a Python library that makes it easy to access and parse data from the Arch User Repository API.


Full documentation is available on ReadTheDocs.

If you know how to use the Arch User Repository API, you know how to use this module. The only difference is that PascalCase package attributes are converted to confirm to Python conventions (for example, OutOfDate becomes out_of_date, and FirstSubmitted becomes first_submitted).

>>> yturl ='yturl')
>>> yturl.description
'YouTube videos on the command line'
>>> poco ='poco')
>>> poco
[<Package: flopoco>, <Package: poco-git>, <Package: poco>, <Package: libpoco-basic>]
>>> poco[0].first_submitted
datetime.datetime(2013, 8, 21, 21, 3, 9)
>>> aur.multiinfo(['tzupdate', 'xinput-toggle'])
{'tzupdate': <Package: tzupdate>, 'xinput-toggle': <Package: xinput-toggle>}


To install the latest stable version from PyPi:

$ pip install -U aur

To install the latest development version directly from GitHub:

$ pip install -U git+


$ pip install tox
$ tox
Ran 10 tests in 4.088s