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Repository for CDS specific GitHub actions
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brdunfield Migrate workflows to yaml syntax (#26)
* migrate workflows to yaml

* Update is-master filter to use github-actions built-in filtering
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.github/workflows Migrate workflows to yaml syntax (#26) Oct 9, 2019
a11y-checker Add basic a11y-checker action (#15) May 21, 2019
a11y-multiple-page-checker restore some uncommented lines to help with memory issues (#27) Oct 9, 2019
auto-commit Use GITHUB_ACTOR env var Sep 15, 2019
diefenbunker Added entrypoint Mar 27, 2019
elmo-fire Update README.mds Mar 20, 2019
gh-pages Fix permissions Apr 2, 2019
lighthouse-score Fixed boundry issues and added more debug output Apr 11, 2019
seekret Fixed entrypoint May 21, 2019
tf-lint Update Mar 13, 2019
touched Update Dockerfile Apr 1, 2019
.gitignore Added GA Anonymization check Feb 12, 2019
LICENSE Initial commit Jan 29, 2019

CDS/SNC GitHub Actions


With GitHub Actions you can automate your workflow from idea to production.


The purpose of this repository is to track all the GitHub actions CDS creates for their own purposes. Feel free to use these in your own workflows.


Name Description Use on Image name Size
auto-commit Auto-commits back any changes to the current branch made by previous GitHub actions. push cdssnc/auto-commit-github-action 23 MB
diefenbunker Creates a zip file of your current GitHub workspace and uploads it to S3. any cdssnc/diefenbunker-github-action 32 MB
docker-lint Automatically runs hadolint on all the Dockerfiles in your repository. push cdssnc/docker-lint-github-action 26 MB
elmo-fire Sends a slack notification when a check_suite completes without a success state. check_suite cdssnc/elmo-fire-github-action 6 MB
gh-pages Pushes a DIR to GH pages. Security fork from here. push cdssnc/gh-pages-github-action 13 MB
google-analytics-anonymize-ip Checks a deployment if it is uses IP anonymization when using Google Analytics deployment_status cdssnc/google-analytics-anonymize-ip-github-action 1.44 GB
lighthouse-score Checks a deployment lighthouse-scores against a user defined baseline deployment_status cdssnc/lighthouse-score-github-action 6 MB
node-license-checker Automatically runs license-checker to extract all the license information in your dependencies. push cdssnc/node-license-checker-github-action 26 MB
seekret Checks if files contain secrets you do not want to expose push cdssnc/seekret-github-action 59.7 MB
tf-lint Automatically runs tflint on all the Terraform (.tf) in your repository. push cdssnc/tf-lint-github-action 27 MB
touched Checks if file matching a pattern have been touched as part of the push push cdssnc/touched-github-action 1.88 MB
a11y-checker Basic accessibility scanner for deployments deployment_status cdssnc/a11y-checker 515 MB
a11y-multiple-pagechecker Accessibility scanner for multiple page deployments deployment_status cdssnc/a11y-multiple-page-checker 319 MB


Please contact us through any of the multiple ways listed on our website.

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