A composer package that allows you to install yii2 without composer-asset-plugin
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cebe/assetfree-yii2 composer package

A composer package that allows you to install yii2 without composer-asset-plugin.

How to use?

Just require cebe/assetfree-yii2 instead of yiisoft/yii2 in your composer.json.


Yii2 currently depends on Asset packages to make it really easy to create frontend applications as it directly provides Widgets and Javascript/CSS components out of the box. Therefore, the composer-asset-plugin is used which allows to manage frontend dependencies directly in composer.json.

Sometimes however, these frontend components are not needed, e.g. if you use Yii to create a Console Application, Background workers or a REST API. So if you do not want to install the composer-asset-plugin on your production servers because you do not need any asset functionality anyway you may use this package instead of requiring yiisoft/yii2 directly.

How does this work?

Magic: https://github.com/cebe/assetfree-yii2/blob/2.0.0/composer.json#L9-L14 :)

This package claims to "provide" the required asset packages which are only available when composer-asset-plugin ist installed. In reallity no asset packages are installed, so this is only useful in cases where you do not need them.


While this will work without known issues, when composer-asset-plugin is not installed, you may get in trouble if you run this with the plugin enabled. If the composer-asset-plugin is installed the required packages will get installed and you may not be able to deploy your composer.lock, which has been created in this situation, to production.

So either make sure the plugin is not installed, or run composer with --no-plugins switch.

If you acidentally ran composer install or update with the plugin the only way to fix it is to delete composer.lock and vendor dir and install again.