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.NET (WPF and Windows Forms) bindings for the Chromium Embedded Framework
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CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.Core Update version numbers to 76.1.90 Aug 14, 2019
CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess Update version numbers to 76.1.90 Aug 14, 2019
CefSharp.Core WPF - Replace RtlCopyMemory p/invoke with NativeMethodWrapper.MemoryCopy Sep 6, 2019
CefSharp.Example CefSettings - Add custom dictionary to allow setting of command line … Sep 6, 2019
CefSharp.OffScreen.Example OffScreen Example - CachePath values must be children of RootCachePath Sep 11, 2019
CefSharp.OffScreen CefSettings - Add custom dictionary to allow setting of command line … Sep 6, 2019
CefSharp.Test MethodRunnerQueue/ConcurrentMethodRunnerQueue - Remove custom task ex… Sep 6, 2019
CefSharp.WinForms.Example WinForms Example - Add ChromiumContainerControl to host docked DevTools Sep 10, 2019
CefSharp.WinForms.Test Maintenance - Fixed formatting, file encoding, and copyright year (#2504 Sep 10, 2018
CefSharp.WinForms WinForms - Only use DefaultFocusHandler when !MultiThreadedMessageLoop Jul 26, 2019
CefSharp.Wpf.Example WPF - Add Resize Hack Test Code Sep 7, 2019
CefSharp.Wpf WPF - Add new DirectWritableBitmapRenderHandler implementation Sep 7, 2019
CefSharp CefSettings - Add custom dictionary to allow setting of command line … Sep 6, 2019
NuGet Add a ".NETCoreApp3.0" dependency to the .nuspec files. (#2894) Sep 6, 2019
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Build.bat Added build.bat script for slightly more convenient NuGet compiling Jan 7, 2015 Update (#2592) Dec 8, 2018
CefSharp.Native.props Upgrade to CEF 3.3239.1700 Dec 19, 2017
CefSharp.props VS2019 build support with VS2017 toolset (#2816) Jun 24, 2019
CefSharp.shfbproj Update version numbers to 76.1.90 Aug 14, 2019
CefSharp.snk - BrowserControl now derived from Control. Dec 9, 2010
CefSharp3.ChildProcessDbgSettings VS2017 build support (using the VS2015 tooling) (#2179) Nov 29, 2017
CefSharp3.sln Added EditorConfig (#2514) Sep 16, 2018
CefSharp3.sln.DotSettings Add new Resharper settings (upgraded to new version) May 21, 2015 Update Feb 2, 2019
LICENSE Build.ps1 - Automated more tasks relating to updating CefSharp versio… Feb 15, 2019
NuGet.config NuGet.config - Add appveyor cef-binary project feed Dec 29, 2017 correction -> new CefSettings not new Settings Dec 12, 2014 Update Aug 16, 2019
afterbuild.example.ps1 add after build script example that shows how to automatically upload… Oct 14, 2014
appveyor.yml Update version numbers to 76.1.90 Aug 14, 2019
build.ps1 build.ps1 - escape commas for PowerShell (#2902) Sep 12, 2019
buildhelp.bat Sandcastle help - Add batch file for building Sep 5, 2018
logo.png fix documentation links Dec 8, 2015

CefSharp Logo

Build status CefSharp.WinForms CefSharp.Wpf CefSharp.OffScreen

Got a quick question? Jump on Gitter

CefSharp lets you embed Chromium in .NET apps. It is a lightweight .NET wrapper around the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) by Marshall A. Greenblatt. About 30% of the bindings are written in C++/CLI with the majority of code here is C#. It can be used from C# or VB, or any other CLR language. CefSharp provides both WPF and WinForms web browser control implementations.

CefSharp is BSD licensed, so it can be used in both proprietary and free/open source applications. For the full details, see the LICENSE file.

If you like and use CefSharp please consider signing up for a small monthly donation, even $25 can help tremendously. See Financial Support for more details.


Stable binaries are released on NuGet, and contain everything you need to embed Chromium in your .Net/CLR application. For usage see the Quick Start guide or FAQ #8.


  • See the CefSharp.Wpf.Example or CefSharp.WinForms.Example projects for example web browsers built with CefSharp. They demo most of the available features.
  • See the CefSharp.MinimalExample project for a basic demo of using the CefSharp NuGet packages.
  • See the General Usage Guide in help getting started/dealing with common scenarios.
  • See the Wiki for work-in-progress documentation
  • See the FAQ for help with common issues
  • Upgrading from an earlier version of CefSharp? See the ChangeLog for breaking changes and upgrade tips.
  • CefSharp API generated from the source code comments.


If you have a very simple question please start by asking it on Gitter. Please keep the Issue Tracker for Bugs only please! Before submitting a PR please read CONTRIBUTING

Stackoverflow is generally where questions should be asked, please search before posting, thanks!

Branches & Forks

This is the official CefSharp fork, as maintained by the CefSharp community. You can also view the entire network of public forks/branches.

Development is done in the master branch. New features are preferably added in feature branches, if the changes are more than trivial. New PR's should be targeted against master.

When a new release is imminent a release branch is created. We try to avoid making public facing API changes in release branches (Adding new features is fine, just not breaking changes).


CI Builds
Every commit on master produces a Nuget package. Use at your own risk!

  • MyGet Pre Release
  • MyGet Pre Release
  • MyGet Pre Release


  • CefSharp.WinForms
  • CefSharp.Wpf
  • CefSharp.OffScreen


  • CefSharp.WinForms
  • CefSharp.Wpf
  • CefSharp.OffScreen

Release Branches

With each release a new branch is created, for example the 73.1.130 release corresponds to the cefsharp/73 branch. If you're new to CefSharp and are downloading the source to check it out, please use a Release branch

Branch CEF Version VC++ Version .Net Version Status
master 3809 2015 4.5.2 Development
cefsharp/75 3770 2015 4.5.2 Release
cefsharp/73 3683 2015 4.5.2 Unsupported
cefsharp/71 3578 2015 4.5.2 Unsupported
cefsharp/69 3497 2015 4.5.2 Unsupported
cefsharp/67 3396 2015 4.5.2 Unsupported
cefsharp/65 3325 2015 4.5.2 Unsupported
cefsharp/63 3239 2013 4.5.2 Unsupported
cefsharp/62 3202 2013 4.5.2 Unsupported
cefsharp/57 2987 2013 4.5.2 Unsupported
cefsharp/55 2883 2013 4.5.2 Unsupported
cefsharp/53 2785 2013 4.5.2 Unsupported
cefsharp/51 2704 2013 4.5.2 Unsupported
cefsharp/49 2623 2013 4.0 Unsupported
cefsharp/47 2526 2013 4.0 Unsupported
cefsharp/45 2454 2013 4.0 Unsupported
cefsharp/43 2357 2012 4.0 Unsupported
cefsharp/41 2272 2012 4.0 Unsupported
cefsharp/39 2171 2012 4.0 Unsupported
cefsharp/37 2062 2012 4.0 Unsupported

Financial Support

To continue developing/supporting the project I (@amaitland) am asking for financial contributions. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated!

75.0.0 Release: Bountysource

Recurring contributions can be made through BountySource Salt or one time contributions through PayPal

Now that I (@amaitland) am a stay at home dad your contributions are the only reason I'm allowed to continue working on the project. Without continued funding the time I currently spend on the project will have to be put into finding other paid work.


Projects using CefSharp

  • HtmlView : Visual Studio extension bringing CefSharp for showing HTML pages inside VS.
  • Chromely : Build .NET/.NET Core HTML5 desktop apps using cross-platform native GUI API.
  • SharpBrowser : The fastest web browser for C# with tabbed browsing and HTML5/CSS3.
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