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by Cesar Inacio Martins - informix at

About this Template_Informix

This template was created , tested and used successfully
on Zabbix 4.2.1 (rpm opensuse 15.0 ) monitoring multiple 
Informix v12.10 FC12 running over Red Hat 7.4 .

They objective was monitor Informix instances.
This template are 100% dependent of the shell script 
were this script use the "onstat" for all collect.

This template + script are capable to discovery all instances + dbspaces .

How use this template?

* Configure the zabbix agent on server where your Informix engine is running
  (please, check the zabbix manual/wiki for this)
* Add the zabbix user to informix group to allow access onstat : 
  $ usermod zabbix -G informix -a 
* Clone this GIT repository 
  $ cd /etc/zabbix
  $ git clone zabifx.git
  A subfolder "zabifx.git" should be created with the scripts there. 
* Add the content of zabifx.git/zabbix-agentd.conf to your current Zabbix Agent config
    cat zabifx.git/zabbix-agent.conf >> zabbix-agent.conf
* Link the scripts
  $ cd /etc/zabbix
  $ ln -s zabifx.git/
  $ ln -s zabifx.git/ 
* Link or create a shell script to set your Informix enviroment 
  /etc/zabbix/ or /home/informix/ 
* Logged with zabbix user, test if the script is working :  
  $ /etc/zabbix/ instances - 
  They should return something like :
    | {"data":[{ "{#IFXSERVER}":"ifxvserv1","{#IFXSERVERSTATUS}":"Up","{#IFXMSGPATH}":"/opt/informix/tmp/ifxserv1.log"}]}
* Restart the zabbix agent.
  $ systemctl restart zabbix-agentd
* On Zabbix Server, with admin user, import the template:
  go to Configuration -> Templates -> Import (button, top right of screen)
* On Host configurations, locate your host and link the template with it.
  You need to wait the discovery run (the default interval for this
  template is 2 hours) or you can force selecting the discovery item and click on "check now" button. 
  On "lastest data" page of your zabbix server, should appear applications like :
	| Informix Database (5 Items)
	| Informix Database - cluster (3 Items)
	| Informix Database - dbspaces (164 Items)
	| Informix Database - I/O (4 Items)
	| Informix Database - Memory (10 Items)
	| Informix Database - profile (21 Items)
	| Informix Database - sessions (4 Items)
	| Informix Database - VPs (13 Items)

 10/oct/2018 - Rewrite to work only with "onstat" , without SNMP service. 
 20/jun/2013 - Correction on template, two items have wrong keys (Physical Log) 
               Added new trigger for sessions in waits (not lock wait) 
 18/jun/2013 - Correction on zabifx script, where miscalculate the uptime  
               information when the engine is less 1 day up and miscalculate 
               the minutes. 
 08/ago/2013 - Changed the template and zabifx scripts.   
               added item to monitor # of threads ready (onstat -g rea) into the   
               template and zabifx    
               Little change of priority on Sessions in wait trigger   


Zabbix - monitor for IBM Informix database



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