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Doughnut (Proof of Delegation) overview and spec
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Patent Pending

What are Doughnuts?

At their simplest, Doughnuts are Proofs of Delegation between two or more cryptographic keypairs. Doughnuts let us prove that one address delegates something to another address.

What can they do?

Doughnuts let us:

  • Easily sign in and out of DApps without using centralised services
  • Give untrusted DApps limited permissions on-chain
  • Fully permission the public blockchain, achieving optimal user-safety
  • Separate who pays the transaction fees from who sent the transaction
  • Share access to our accounts and tokens in a protected and managed way
  • Create legal contracts or agreements that are written off-chain but execute on-chain
  • Improve overall access control for both decentralised services and the centralised services that run alongside them
  • And more

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