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Websocket client for Centrifugo server and Centrifuge library.

There is no v1 release of this library yet – API still evolves. At the moment patch version updates only contain backwards compatible changes, minor version updates can have backwards incompatible API changes.

Check out client SDK API specification to learn how this SDK behaves. It's recommended to read that before starting to work with this SDK as the spec covers common SDK behavior - describes client and subscription state transitions, main options and methods. Also check out examples folder.

The features implemented by this SDK can be found in SDK feature matrix.

The latest centrifuge-java is compatible only with the latest Centrifugo server (v4) and Centrifuge >= 0.25.0. For Centrifugo v2, Centrifugo v3 and Centrifuge < 0.25.0 you should use centrifuge-java v0.1.0.


Library available in Maven:

Javadoc online

Obfuscation with ProGuard

Centrifuge-java library uses Protobuf library (Lite version) for client protocol. This fact and the fact that Protobuf Lite uses reflection internally can cause connection errors when releasing your application with Android shrinking and obfuscation features enabled. See protocolbuffers/protobuf#6463 for details. To deal with this centrifuge-java comes with Proguard rules included in the jar.

More information about Android shrinking.

Basic usage

See example code in console Java example or in demo Android app

To use with Android don't forget to set INTERNET permission to AndroidManifest.xml:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />

Usage in background

When a mobile application goes to the background there are OS-specific limitations for established persistent connections - which can be silently closed shortly. Thus in most cases you need to disconnect from a server when app moves to the background and connect again when app goes to the foreground.

CI status

Build Status


Library is available under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

For Contributors

This section contains an information for library contributors. You don't need generating protobuf code if you just want to use centrifuge-java in your project.

Generate proto

The protobuf definitions are located in centrifuge/main/proto directory. Protocol class is generated automatically during project compilation by protobuf gradle plugin.

Check API signatures

We use metalava-gradle to ensure we are aware of breaking API changes in the library.

All PRs check API signatures for compatibility. If you see an error, it may indicate there is a breaking change. Regenerate API signature with the following command and include an updated api.txt in your PR:

./gradlew :centrifuge:metalavaGenerateSignature

Also indicate a breaking change in changelog.

To verify API compatibility locally, run the following command:

./gradlew :centrifuge:metalavaCheckCompatibility

For maintainer

Automatic publishing

  1. Bump version in publish-setup.gradle.
  2. Update changelog to reflect API and behavior changes, bugfixes.
  3. Create new library tag.

The release GitHub Action should now publish the library.

Manual publishing

Do all steps from the automatic publishing. Create configuration file in GRADLE_USER_HOME:



Then run:

./gradlew publish --no-daemon --no-parallel
./gradlew closeAndReleaseRepository

The second command will promote staged release to production on MavenCentral.

You can do it manually by following the instructions:


  1. Login here:
  2. Go to Staging repositories
  3. Find release, push Close button, wait
  4. Push Release button

Special thanks


General Java and Android client SDK for bidirectional communication with Centrifugo and Centrifuge-based server over WebSocket






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