[DEPRECATED; see ceph.git/qa] Suite of Ceph QA tests to run with Teuthology
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clusters/    - some predefined cluster layouts
suites/      - set suite

The suites directory has a hierarchical collection of tests.  This can be
freeform, but generally follows the convention of

  suites/<test suite name>/<test group>/...

A test is described by a yaml fragment.

A test can exist as a single .yaml file in the directory tree.  For example:


is a simple group of two tests.

A directory with a magic '+' file represents a test that combines all
other items in the directory into a single yaml fragment.  For example:


is a single test consisting of a + b + c.

A directory with a magic '%' file represents a test matrix formed from
all other items in the directory.  For example,


is a 4-dimensional test matrix.  Two dimensions (a, c) are trivial (1
item), so this is really 2x2 = 4 tests, which are

  a + b1 + c + d1
  a + b1 + c + d2
  a + b2 + c + d1
  a + b2 + c + d2

Symlinks are okay.

The teuthology code can be found in https://github.com/ceph/teuthology.git