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Nova Quota Sync

What is it?

It's a small script that compares nova quota usage information with the actual usage per resource (tenant/user).

It also provides an easy way to synchronize quotas in case of mismatch.

How to use it?

To see the available options run:

python nova-quota-sync -h

There 5 optional arguments:
--all - show the state of all quota resources
--no_sync - don't perform any synchronization of the mismatch resources
--auto_sync - automatically sync all the resources (no interactive)
--project_id - search only project ID
--config - path for nova.conf or a file with the DB endpoint

If "--no_sync" or "auto_sync" are not used it will run in interactive mode.


python nova-quota-sync --config my_nova.conf --all --no_sync

python nova-quota-sync --config my_nova.conf

python nova-quota-sync --auto_sync

python nova-quota-sync --all --no_sync --project_id "d945d5ce-cfb8-11e4-b9d6-1681e6b88ec1"

Nova versions supported

We use it in Havana and now in Icehouse.

Bugs and Disclaimer

Bugs? Oh, almost certainly.

This tool was written to be used in the CERN Cloud Infrastructure and it has been tested only in our environment.

Since it updates nova DB use it with extreme caution.