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Data Structure (The planC object)

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RT/Image objects imported into CERR are stored in a cell-array type MATLAB variable named planC. The last element of planC (planC{end}) serves as an index, mapping human readable names to the elements of the cell array.

Index to CERR's planC structure

The elements of the cell array can then be accessed using the index as:

element = planC{indexS.element_name}

where element_name may be any of the indexed readable names.


To access scan metadata, contained in the 3rd element of planC (as depicted in the screenshot above), use:

scanMetadataS = planC{indexS.scan}

Naming Conventions

The variables in CERR are suffixed by "S", 'C", 'A" or "M" to refer to their data types.

  • S: Structure/Structure Array
  • C: Cell Array
  • A: Array
  • M: Matrix


planC is suffixed with "C", meaning that it is of type cell array. indexS is suffixed with "S", meaning that it is of type Structure.