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CESMII - The Smart Manufacturing Institute

The Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Institute, part of Manufacturing USA and UCLA's Department of Advanced Research Computing

CESMII - The Smart Manufacturing Institute

Code samples, demos and documentation for interacting with the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform.

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  • 🤝 Some of our projects are in partnership with the OPC Foundation
  • 📃 Where not specified, CESMII OSS is available under a BSD 3-Clause License


  1. API Public

    Code samples and documentation for the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform GraphQL API

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  2. Connector Public

    Details on how to built a custom Gateway Adapter (protocol adapter) for high speed ingress into the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform.

    C# 2

  3. Create valid and compliant OPC-UA Part 5 XML Information Models (Nodesets) in a 100% web-based environment.

    C# 1

  4. Forked from OPCFoundation/UA-CloudLibrary

    OPC UA Information Model database with a REST and GraphQL interface, as well as user management. The global instance of this (hosted by the OPC Foundation) can be found at https://uacloudlibrary.op…



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