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An Apple-styled, Slack-inspired chat room app built in React
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iMessenger is an Apple-styled, Slack-inspired chat room app developed in ReactJS using Pusher Chatkit's API. It allows users to create and join chat rooms and send messages to friends. Development on this project has been suspended until further notice. Feel free to explore the soruce code on GitHub.


  • Create new chat rooms
  • Send messages to chat room members
  • Slack-styled emoji picker using Emoji-Mart
  • New message notifications
  • Unread indicators
  • Typing indicators
  • Delete chat rooms
  • Dark/Light Mode toggle
  • Desktop support only

Future Development

If this project were to continue, iMessenger could become a full-fledged messaging app with a login and registration system. Additional features to improve user experience would include typing indicators, showing only joined chat rooms in a user's list, and a search form for finding new chat rooms.

Running the Project

Make sure you run npm install upon initial cloning, then run the project using npm start.

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