Simple examples of RxJava in Ceylon
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RxJava with Ceylon

This project contains simple examples of the use of RxJava with Ceylon.


This project requires JDK 8 and Ceylon 1.3.3 or Ceylon IDE 1.3.3 for IntelliJ or Eclipse. On the command line you can use the provided ceylonb command if you don't have Ceylon already installed.

Note: Unfortunately Ceylon 1.3.3 is not compatible with RxJava 2.1 due to a bug in lambda conversions in 1.3.3.

Running the examples

To run the examples, either import this project into Ceylon IDE, or, in this directory, type:

./ceylonb run

To run one of the other examples besides the default Hello World, specify the name of the function using --run:

./ceylonb run --run=runBlocking
./ceylonb run --run=runNonblocking
./ceylonb run --run=runWikipediaArticles