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PCF Tile Generator

PCF Tile Generator is a suite of tools to help you develop, package, test, and deploy services and other add-ons to Pivotal Cloud Foundry. The tile generator uses templates and patterns that are based on years of experience integrating third-party services into Cloud Foundry, and eliminates much of the need for you to have intimate knowledge of all the tools involved.

Continuous Integration

The master branch of this repository is being monitored by this Concourse pipeline. The pipeline verifies that:

  • The tile generator passes all unit tests in tile_generator/*
  • The tile generator successfully builds the sample tile in sample
  • The generated tile passes all acceptance tests in ci/acceptance-tests
  • The generated tile successfully deploys to a current version of PCF
  • The deployed tile passes all deployment tests in ci/deployment-tests

Contributing to the Tile Generator

We welcome comments, questions, and contributions from community members. Please consider the following ways to contribute:

  • File Github issues for questions, bugs and new features and comment and vote on the ones that you are interested in.
  • If you want to contribute code, please make your code changes on a fork of this repository and submit a pull request to the master branch of tile-generator. We strongly suggest that you first file an issue to let us know of your intent, or comment on the issue you are planning to address.


For development, it is useful to install the tile-generator package in editable mode. That is, you can install the tile-generator package in a way that points to your local repository, so that your code changes are immediately available through the tile or pcf commands. To do this, run this command in your tile-generator repository directory:

pip install -e .

To avoid downloading dependencies on every tile build:

  1. cd sample
  2. mkdir cache
  3. tile build --cache cache

Run indiv

Before executing ./scripts/ install virtualenv with pip install virtualenv

Then to execute all test using the cache from the project root use: ./scripts/ withcache