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The DOMinator is an open source, lean DOM manipulation library inspired by jQuery. This library enables users to

  • Select single or multiple DOM elements
  • Manipulate and Traverse DOM element's innerHTML, class, etc.
  • Perform AJAX requests

Getting Started

To use theDOMinator library, simply clone the github repo into your existing project and include theDOMinator.js file in the head of your Index or Root html file as so:

  <script type="text/javascript" src="lib/theDOMinator.js"></script>

Remember to properly navigate from your HTML file to the theDOMinator.js file for the script to be included.

theDOMinator API

theDOMinator is built using a custom class called DOMNodeCollection. All functions used within theDOMinator will return an instance of DOMNodeCollection.


The core function, $l(selector), receives one argument and returns a array like object otherwise known as a NodeList. Depending on wether your (selector) argument is a string, HTML element, Array, or function, the DOMNodeCollection collection will return the correct NodeList based on the argument passed in as the (selector).

  $l = function(argument){
    //if HTML element
    if (argument instanceof HTMLElement) {
      return new DOMNodeCollection([argument]);
    // if String
    }else if (typeof argument === 'string'){
      let nodeList = document.querySelectorAll(argument);
      return new DOMNodeCollection(;
    // if Array of HTMLElements
    } else if (Array.isArray(argument)){
      return new DOMNodeCollection(argument);
    //if Function
    } else if (typeof argument === 'function'){

      if (document.readyState === 'complete') {
        return func();
      } else {
    } else {

DOMNodeCollection.prototype methods

theDOMinator has a series of prototype functions which can be called upon the selection of a DOMNodeCollection using the $l function.


Using the selector and calling the html method without an argument will return the innerHTML of the selected DOM. If an argument is provided, the innerHTML of the selected DOM will be replaced with the provided argument.


This function clears out the innerHTML of the selected DOM.


Append accepts an HTML element, theDOMinator wrapped collection, or string. The outerHTML of each element provided in the argument is then appended to the innerHTML of each node in the DOMNodeCollection.

attribute(attributeName, value)

For the attribute function you must pass in two arguments. attributeName to select the attribute of the DOMNodeCollection. Passed in as an argument alone, this will return the value corresponding to the attributeName of the first node of the DOMNodeCollection. If a value is also passed in, The attributeName is then set equal to the passed in value for all nodes in the DOMNodeCollection.


Takes a string argument as className and sets the class attribute of each node in the DOMNodeCollection to the className provided.


Takes a string argument as className and removes the current class attribute of each node in the DOMNodeCollection.


Takes a string argument as className and resets the class attribute of each node in the DOMNodeCollection to the className provided.


Returns an array of all parents of each of the nodes in the DOMNodeCollection.


Returns a DOMNodeCollection of all the nodes matching the selector passed in as an argument that are descendants of the nodes.


Removes the innerHTML of all nodes in the selected DOMNodeCollection.

on(eve, callback)

Adds an Event Listener to each of the nodes in the DOMNodeCollection. Pass in your desired event as eve and desired callback function as callback.


Removes Event Listener passed in as eve from each of the nodes in the DOMNodeCollection.

AJAX requests

You can make AJAX requests using theDOMinator's $l.ajax(options) function. You must pass in an object in place of the options argument specifying the option values you wish to specify. You can see the default options object below.

Keys Defaults
contentType 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8'
method "GET"
url ""
dataType "JSON"
success -- Callback function upon success (s) => console.log("No Success Callback")
error -- Callback function upon error (e) => console.log("No Error Callback")

an example $l.ajax function call to change the background image of the body within an HTML file can be seen below.

     method: 'GET',
     url: '',
     success: (data) => {
       let body = $l("body").elements[0] = `` = `url(${JSON.parse(data).url})` = 'cover'


You can view a live demo of theDOMinator in action here.


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