Backbone.js plugin to add app-wide pub/sub
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Backbone plugin to add app-wide pub/sub.


subscribe(channel, subscription, context [, once])

or shortcut sub()

Subscribe to a channel.

Backbone.Mediator.subscribe('view:loaded', this.callback, this);

// or

Backbone.Mediator.sub('view:loaded', this.callback, this);

subscribeOnce(channel, subscription, context)

Subscribe to a channel once.

// Will be called once only
Backbone.Mediator.subscribeOnce('view:loaded', this.callback, this);

publish(channel [, arg1][, argN])

or shortcut pub()

Execute all callbacks defined for a channel. Any addional argument will be tranfered to the callback.

Backbone.Mediator.publish('view:loaded', 'myView');

// or'view:loaded', 'myView');

Convention-based subscriptions

Add a 'subscriptions' property to your view. The subscriptions property must be an hash as {channel:method}, where method is either a string representing a view method, or a function. The methods will be called with the view context.

var View = Backbone.View.extend({
  subscriptions: {
    'item:select': 'enable', // calls this.enable
    'item:unselect': function(){...}

The subscriptions are tied with the delegateEvents/undelegateEvents methods. Calling delegateEvents() automatically sets subscriptions and calling undelegateEvents() unsets them.