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zonJS is a table like framework for using the Storage API
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zonJS is a namespace based framework for using with the Storage API

It is inspired by a good friend and great DBA Javier Tomas Zon

zonJS is a mutation of my previous API miniDB and is intended to be a way of manipulating LocalStorage API data in a fancy way, like if you had working with a regular table.

How to use

  • zon(NAMESPACE).insert(rowAsJSON). Aliases: add, set;
  • zon(NAMESPACE).findOne(rowId). Alias: get;
  • zon(NAMESPACE).all();
  • zon(NAMESPACE).del(rowId). Alias: remove;
  • zon(NAMESPACE).each(function(index, rowId, data) {}). Alias: iterate;


Adding a new row to the user namespace

zon('user').insert({name: 'Willian', email: ''});

If the namespace storage doesn't exist, it will be created. The row id will be returned by the insert function

Removing a row from the user namespace


Listing all rows from the product namespace

zon('product').all(); // returns a map object containing key/value for each row

Retrieving a row from the product namespace

var product = zon('product').findOne('4545498504854');

Iterating all rows from the users namespace

function listUsers(index, rowId, data) {
  console.log((index+1) + " - " +;



  • Any type of data can be stored. Even strings or numbers. However, JSON objects are preferable;
  • This API is in need of suggestions. Just keep in mind Storage API has a small limit of 5Mb;
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