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A la travis-ci status images for Atlassian Bamboo

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Bamboo Status

Get your Bamboo build status as images like in travis-ci.

Install, Configure & Run

bamboo-status is available in the NPM registry at (

Once downloaded, you can create a status server and configure it to fit your needs with the options input like:

var status = require('bamboo-status');
var options = {bamboo:, port: 3001};

status.start(options, function(err) {

Possible options are:

  • bamboo: The bamboo URL. The status server will deduce the REST API endpoint from the provided value
  • port: The port to start the server on. If you defined the PORT system env (useful for Heroku), it ill use system env first


You can easily deploy the application on Cloud provider such as Heroku:

heroku login
heroku create
git push heroku master
heroku open


Once running/deployed, you can get a Bamboo plan status image by passing the required information in the URL like:


A running instance is available of projects at The source code of the application is available at

Check the Travis-ci documentation on how to insert images in your README files at


Display image status for OW2 plan PETALSESB-PETALSESBCLTJMX in a Github file

[![Build Status](](])

Build Status

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