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access your Mete account with a Telegram bot
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access your Mete account with a Telegram bot


Simply clone this repository, run pipenv install --dev and you're good to go.


You can use the prebuilt Docker image or build it yourself.


You'll need a config file. It looks like this:

base_url = "http://mete/" # the URL of your Mete instance - please use HTTPS

[initial_admin] # information about the initial administrator
telegram_id = 1234 # can be obtained from or @userinfobot on Telegram
telegram_handle = "foo"
mete_id = 5678

Please put the path to this config file in the environment variable CONFIG_FILE.

Additionally, there are two secret keys you can configure:

  • API_KEY (required): the key from Telegram's botfather
  • SENTRY_DSN (recommended): the key for the project in Sentry

Both can be given either using Docker's mechanism for secrets (prefix them with TELEMETE_) or as environment variables.

Sidenote: This bot requires all administrators to have a user handle on telegram for the purpose of users easily contacting them. So make sure only users with handles get promoted.

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