Implementation-agnostic metrics for assessing open source community health. Maintained by the CHAOSS Metrics Committee.
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CHAOSS Metrics Committee

Welcome to the repository of the CHAOSS Metrics Committee. The CHAOSS Metrics Committee defines implementation-agnostic metrics for assessing open source community health and sustainability. Such metrics are aimed at understanding project risk, diversity & inclusion, growth-maturity-decline, and value. The Metrics Committee will optionally produce standardized metric exchange formats, detailed use cases, models, or recommendations to analyze specific issues in the industry and OSS world.

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Goals of the CHAOSS Metrics Committee

(1) Developing metric categories and related activity metrics: CHAOSS Metrics. The metric categories are based on the work of community members who have participated at CHAOSS events, worked in the repo, and discussed through on email. We are capturing the metrics that people find meaningful to their particular contexts when understanding project health and sustatinability. In this, the CHAOSS Metrics Committee works to represent metrics through concise definitions, known uses cases, sample visualizations, and sample implementations. Our metrics work also includes working with the CHAOSS Software Committee to put these metrics into practice.

(2) Curating a list of known metrics-related tools and representing what they do: CHAOSS Product Comparison. This helps see the existing landscape of software and metrics.

(3) Participating in the CHAOSS Diversity & Inclusion Workgroup. This workgroup is a first at CHAOSS that brings together the metrics and software committees in an explicit way. Through this WG, we can inform the metrics by questioning how the software is able to capture (or not caputure) particular metrics. At the same time, we can inform the software by questioning how we can deploy particular metrics. This WG can provide insight and methods by which D&I reports could be generated for communities of interest. In the future, similar workgroups for Risk, Growth-Maturity-Decline, and Value will be formed.

Structure of the CHAOSS Metrics Repository


How to Contribute and Participate to the CHAOSS Project

Work on metrics is centered on the categories of Diversity-Inclusion, Growth-Maturity-Decline, Risk, and Value.

Repository Maintainers

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All contributions to implementation-agnostic metrics and standards, including associated scripts, SQL statements, and documentation, will be received and made available under the MIT License (