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A blueprint that generates documentation for Eve APIs in HTML and JSON formats. Eve-docs creates the documentation from your existing Eve configuration file, with no additional configuration required.


Clone this repo into your Eve application and modify your launch script to activate the blueprints:

from flask.ext.bootstrap import Bootstrap
from eve_docs import eve_docs
app.register_blueprint(eve_docs, url_prefix='/docs')

After restarting, documentation is availabile at the url_prefix defined in your launch script. shows how to do this using the launch script from Nicola Iarocci's eve-demo repo.

HTML output

The HTML documentation is produced using the Flask-Bootstrap blueprint. Expand each domain to show available endpoint methods, and further expand each method to show parameter details. A screenshot with one method expanded follows, and you can also view a fully expanded example. Sample output

JSON output

Documentation is also exposed as JSON at url_prefix/spec.json for programmatic consumption. Example output:

  "base": "http://localhost:5000",
  "domains": {
    "people": {
      "/people/{_id}": {
        "GET": {
          "label": "Retrieve a person",
          "params": [
              "name": "_id",
              "type": "string",
              "required": true


Released under the MIT License.