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This is a TypeScript exported class, function, type and documentation parser. It outputs everything needed to automatically generate documentation and better understand a project's public API. Information is extracted using TypeScript's Compiler API.


import * as readts from 'readts';

var parser = new readts.Parser();

// Read configuration used in the project we want to analyze.
var config = parser.parseConfig('tsconfig.json');

// Modify configuration as needed, for example to avoid writing compiler output to disk.
config.options.noEmit = true;

// Parse the project.
var tree = parser.parse(config);

The output is a list of ModuleSpec objects, each with exported classes and interfaces (ClassSpec), functions (FunctionSpec) and variables (IdentifierSpec). Types of variables and function parameters are parsed to TypeSpec objects, pointing to correct ClassSpec objects if applicable. This allows cross-linking types to their definitions in generated documentation.

See charto/docts for a documentation generator using this parser.


Docs generated using docts

Class ClassSpec

Class or interface and its members.
Source code: <>


new( ) ClassSpec <>
 ▪ spec SymbolSpec


.name string
Class name.
.pos SourcePos

.construct FunctionSpec
Constructor function.
.index IndexSpec
Index signature.
.methodList FunctionSpec[]
Public methods.
.propertyList IdentifierSpec[]
Public properties.
.extendList ClassSpec[]
Class extends
.exports ModuleSpec
Class exports
.doc string
JSDoc comment.

Class EnumSpec

Enum and its members.
Source code: <>


new( ) EnumSpec <>
 ▪ spec SymbolSpec
.addMember( ) void <>
 ▪ spec IdentifierSpec


.name string
Class name.
.pos SourcePos

.memberList IdentifierSpec[]
Public properties.
.doc string
JSDoc comment.

Interface FormatHooks

Hooks to change how parts of type definitions are converted to strings.
Source code: <>


.unknown? FormatHook
.ref? FormatHook
.array? FormatHook
.union? FormatHook
.intersection? FormatHook
.generic? FormatHook

Class FunctionSpec

Function or method with any number of overloaded signatures.
Source code: <>


new( ) FunctionSpec <>
 ▪ spec SymbolSpec


.name string
Function name.
.signatureList SignatureSpec[]
List of signatures, one for each overload.

Class IdentifierSpec

Property, function / method parameter or variable.
Source code: <>


.name string
Identifier name.
.pos SourcePos
.type TypeSpec
Type definition.
.value? any
Literal type value
.optional boolean
Interface members and function / method parameters may be optional.
.doc string
JSDoc comment.

Class IndexSpec

Index signature.
Source code: <>


.signature TypeSpec
Singature type.
.value TypeSpec
Value type

Class ModuleSpec

Module or source file.
Source code: <>


.isEmpty( ) boolean <>
Test if nothing is exported.


.enumList EnumSpec[]
Definitions of exported enums.
.classList ClassSpec[]
Definitions of exported classes.
.interfaceList ClassSpec[]
Definitions of exported interfaces.
.functionList FunctionSpec[]
Definitions of exported functions.
.variableList IdentifierSpec[]
Definitions of exported variables.

Class Parser

Main parser class with public methods, also holding its internal state.
Source code: <>


.parseConfig( ) ParsedCommandLine <>
Parse a tsconfig.json file using TypeScript services API.
 ▪ tsconfigPath string
.parse( ) ModuleSpec[] <>
Parse a TypeScript project using TypeScript services API and configuration.
 ▪ config ParsedCommandLine
 ▫ nameFilter? (pathName: string) => boolean
 ▫ extension? string

Interface RefSpec

Source code: <>


.name? string
.symbol? Symbol
.class? ClassSpec
.enum? EnumSpec

Class SignatureSpec

Function or method signature defining input and output types.
Source code: <>


new( ) SignatureSpec <>
 ▪ pos SourcePos
 ▪ returnType TypeSpec
 ▪ doc string


.pos SourcePos
.paramList IdentifierSpec[]
List of parameters.
.returnType TypeSpec
Return type definition.
.doc string
JSDoc comment.

Interface SourcePos

Source code: <>


.sourcePath string
.firstLine number
.lastLine number

Class TypeSpec

Type definition.
Source code: <>


.format( ) string <>
Convert to string, with optional hooks replacing default formatting code.
 ▫ hooks? FormatHooks
 ▫ needParens? boolean


.name string
Name of the type, only present if not composed of other type or class etc.
.value? string | number
Value of the type, only present if literal type
.ref RefSpec
Definition of what the type points to, if available.
.unionOf TypeSpec[]
If the type is a union, list of the possible types.
.intersectionOf TypeSpec[]
If the type is an intersection, list of the possible types.
.arrayOf TypeSpec
If the type is an array, its element type.
.argumentList TypeSpec[]
Arguments of a generic type.


The MIT License

Copyright (c) 2016 BusFaster Ltd